We don't merely provide translation services
we adapt, localise and recreate your content for your target audience

Audiovisual translation

  • Audiovisual translation
  • Audiovisual localisation
  • Linguistic revision of audiovisual material.
  • Audiovisual adaptation
  • Marketing translation for advertising and commercials
  • Dialogue translation and adaptation
  • Translation for dubbing in Italian
  • Translation for dubbing in English and other foreign languages
We don't merely provide translation services.
Our audiovisual translation services are specifically crafted for voice-over and dubbing of corporate videos, documentaries, radio and TV commercials, and for subtitling films, TV programmes and reality TV shows.

Over time, we have built up a database of select professional and qualified translators with years of experience in audiovisual translation, and who are members of domain specific associations.

Qualified copywriters, proofreaders and revisers, adapters, respeakers (not the right word- i think you could leave it out), subtitlers and translators...
We work with a variety of professionals with a proven track record in the field of audiovisual translation. This guarantees that your content is correctly localised and that the dialogue is measured and synchronised with the video.

If you’re planning on investing to promote your brand abroad, there is nothing worse than the incorrect use of the target language.

We don't merely provide translation services; we adapt, localise and recreate your content for your target audience.
Here is a list of the languages and resources:
Albanian | American English | Arabic | Armenian | Australian English | Austrian German | Bahasa Indonesia | Bosnian | Brazilian Portuguese | British English | Bulgarian | Canadian French | Chinese | Croatian | Czech | Danish | Dutch | Estonian | European French | European Portuguese | European Spanish | Finnish | Filipino | Georgian | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hindi | Hungarian | Icelandic | Japanese | Kazakh | Korean | Latin American Neutral Spanish | Latvian | Lithuanian | Norwegian | Persian | Polish | Romanian | Russian | Serbian | Slovak | Slovene | Swedish | Thai | Turkish | Ukrainian | Vietnamese