We play with words and we play with the voice
We are copywriters but we are also voice artists

Copywriting and creative writing

  • Creative writing for radio commercials
  • Storyboards for TV commercials
  • Editorials and articles
  • Creative writing for teleshopping
  • Creative writing for corporate content
  • Creative writing for documentaries
Why invest in multimedia translation and localisation if you don’t have the right message?

Creativity alone isn’t sufficient.

We are copywriters but we are also voice artists. We play with words and we play with the voice.
Our work is based on creativity... and on how it sounds through the microphone!
Having a way with words is what enables us to create messages specifically for your audiovisual content. We believe in making sure your message is appealing to your audience.

To date, we have written more than 32,300 radio and TV commercials and hundreds of scripts for documentaries and corporate presentations. 
Advertising is based on communication, and whether the message is conveyed through text or images, it needs to be kept simple. Whatever the case, it’s easy to write a long text, but think of it not as writing words but on avoiding them. It isn’t like writing a novel or a poem.
(Pete Barry, The Advertising Concept Book - Thames & Hudson 2008)