For small and large businesses and offices
We are proud to also offer an extensive range of foreign and English voice artists

On-hold messaging

  • Answering services in English, Italian and other foreign languages
  • Corporate telephone voice prompts and on-hold messages
  • Complex interactive voice response (IVR) systems
  • On hold music for telephone switchboards
Our telephone messaging services are tailored for small and large businesses.
Your on-hold messaging contributes to customer satisfaction, making being on hold less tedious for your clients.

We are proud to also offer an extensive range of foreign and English voice artists.
We have produced hundreds of voice prompts and on-hold messages for various complex switchboards for large companies.
A good example is the switchboard of Gruppo Hera in Bologna: an immense telephone system with many hundreds of messages which are constantly updated and recorded in our studios.

Most recent productions

Answering machine for telephone exchanges
3 October 2017
Recordings with female voice for voicemail.

Voiceovers for phone switchboards and voicemails
3 October 2017
Recordings wit female voice and following audio conversion in telephone format.

Voicemails creation
29 September 2017
Voicemail with female voice.

Voicemails with professional voices
27 September 2017
Answering machine recording with female voice for the well known brand.

Phone messages for telephone exchange
19 September 2017
Phone messages recording for customer's telephone exchange.