We adapt and condense your content according to your audience
Subtitles are checked for readability and coherence


  • Spotting of content in Italian
  • Spotting of content in English or other foreign languages.
  • Italian subtitling
  • English and other foreign-language subtitling
  • Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Subtitles can be generated without
the script or transcription.
We provide subtitling services into English, Italian and many other foreign languages using high-quality software. We don’t just translate strings of text; we adapt and condense your content according to your audience.

All the subtitlers we collaborate with are specialised in audiovisual translation and are members of European domain specific associations.

Skilled subtitlers are capable of clearly understanding the message, and then adapting and condensing the subtitles in sync with the video. The subtitles are precisely timed and measured while translating written, audio and visual elements.
Using professional software, the spotting (time-coding), translation and adaptation are carried out simultaneously. The duration of the subtitles (time code in and time code out) are perfectly synchronised with camera shifts and title cards/captions.

The usual procedure includes a simulation phase, where subtitles are checked for readability and coherence.

We can deliver subtitles in many formats including EBU STL, SRT, XML, SCC and many more. All you’ll have left to do is import the file into your editing workstation... All it takes is just a click

Most recent productions

English subtitles
22 October 2017
English subtitles for TV documentary.

English subtitles
22 October 2017
IT>EN subtitles creation for corporate video.