Most recent productions

Answering machine for telephone exchanges
5 September 2021
Recordings with female voice for voicemail.

Voiceover in English
4 January 2018
Recording sessions in England with professional speaker.

Professional speaker in French
4 January 2018
Corporate in French with professional male speaker.

Female Italian voices
4 January 2018
Corporate video recording and editing with Italian young female voice.

Professional Italian speaker with deep voice
4 January 2018
Italian voiceover with male deep voice.

Voiceovers wit young male Italian voices
4 January 2018
Recording with male Italian voice.

Translations and voiceover
26 October 2017
Translation and voiceover for corporate web video with male English voice.

Italian voiceovers with male voices
26 October 2017
Sync video recording with young male voice.

Voiceovers in UK English
26 October 2017
Recordings with male English voice, adulte and deep.

Documentaries with voice-over
26 October 2017
Narrator recording for TV documentary.

Dubbing in Russian
26 October 2017
A professional Russian speaker dubbed this video for the web.

Voiceover for promotional videos
24 October 2017
Voiceover for promotional video on web with young male voice

Professional Italian voices
24 October 2017
Speaker for web format corporate video realized with a young male voice.

Voiceovers in Indonesian
24 October 2017
Indonesian speaker recorded in link with our resource in Indonesia.

Recordings in Italian with a speaker
22 October 2017
Voiceover for corporate video with a young voice.