Most recent productions

Phone messages for telephone exchange
18 September 2017
Phone messages recording for customer's telephone exchange.

Voiceover in Russian
18 September 2017
Recordings in Russian with professional speaker in oversound for the web.

Voiceover in Spanish with male voice
18 September 2017
Recordings for corporate in link with Spain, male voice.

Native German male speaker
18 September 2017
Corporate video with professional German speaker. Recordings in video sync.

National radiospots
18 September 2017
Recording, editing and mix of national radio spot.

Speech in Spanish with female voice
17 September 2017
Corporate video for the web recorded with female Spanish voice.

Voiceover in English with young voice
17 September 2017
Corporate video with British young speaker. Recordings in England.

Voicemails in Italian
17 September 2017
Voicemail recording in Italian with female voice.

Male voice for documentaries
17 September 2017
Documentary recording to be sold. Male adult and deep voice.

National tv advertisement
17 September 2017
The voice of 007 in the national TV spot recording.

11 September 2017
Radio advertisement in German for local use in the South Tyrol area.

11 September 2017
Corporate recording with male adult voice.

27 February 2017
Voiceover in Italian with young male voice.

National radiospot
1 May 2014
2 national radio advertisements with 2 actors and 2 off-screen voices.

Spot recording in German
15 April 2014
Spot recordings in German with 2 German voices. Radio advertisement on air in South Tyrol.