Most recent productions

National radio advertisements production
18 October 2017
National radio advertisement with male voice.

Russian male voices for voiceover
18 October 2017
Recording session in link with the studio in Russia.

Voiceovers en English with teenager voice
18 October 2017
Recording with young voice in English in link with different studios.

Professional male voices
18 October 2017
In studio recordings in sync video.

Local radio advertisements in German
18 October 2017
Radio advertisements recordings and editing for South Tyrol.

Female French professional voices
18 October 2017
Voiceover with French female voice for the web.

Female speakers
18 October 2017
Voiceover with female voice for corporate video.

Voiceovers in American with male voices
11 October 2017
Recordings in America with professional speaker, editing in our studios.

School video presentations
11 October 2017
Video presentation with young female speaker.

Speaker for promotional videos
11 October 2017
Recording with female voice imitating boys voices.

Viceover in Italian with male voices
11 October 2017
Recordings in Italian with young male voice.

Voices for documentaries in French
11 October 2017
Documentary in French based on American version. French narrator.

Voices for corporate advertisements
11 October 2017
Recordings with advertisement actress for corporate spot.

Recordings with British English voices
11 October 2017
Recording with male English native speaker.

Voiceover in German
10 October 2017
Recordings with native German speaker.