Most recent productions

Voiceovers in Brazilian Portuguese
21 September 2017
Recordings in Brazil with Brazilian Portuguese speaker.

Professional Turkish speaker
20 September 2017
Recordings in Turkey with male native speaker Turkish voice.

English voiceover with female voice
20 September 2017
In sync recording with British English female voice.

Italian male speaker
20 September 2017
Audio recordings with deep male voice. Video sync.

Radio commercials with professional voices
20 September 2017
National spot recorded in studio with female voice.

Radiospot for gyms
20 September 2017
Recordings with male voice for radio and in store diffusion.

Documentaries recording
20 September 2017
Documentary recordings in over sound with professional actor.

Voiceovers with male voice
20 September 2017
Recording wit male voice for corporate video

Commercials for in store radios
20 September 2017
Recording and editing of spots for in store diffusion

Voiceover in Italian with female voice
19 September 2017
Voiceover with actress. In studio recording with synchronization.

American speaker
19 September 2017
Recording session in American English with studios in link. Corporate video for the web.

Voiceover in Spanish
19 September 2017
Recording for corporate in Spanish. Professional speaker from Barcelona.

Radio spots for halloween
19 September 2017
Recording, editing and mix of national radio spots. Male voice.

Narrations with actors
19 September 2017
Corporate recording, narration tone with young actress. Audio recordings in sync.

Touristic audioguides recording
19 September 2017
Touristic audioguide example, with terminology research and broken down files.